The Virtual Running group is now live!

The Virtual Running Community Facebook group went live on 27 April 2017 and 24 hours later I’m overwhelmed by everyone’s excitement and enthusiasm¬†to have this online resource and an extra layer of support.

The group is aimed at those who don’t have the time to get out – business owners usually fall into that category and as a business owner myself I sympathise.

There’s a super mix of abilities in the group, from complete beginners who¬†would like to start running to those who have completed Iron Man races! Not me, I’ve only run as far as 14 miles and that was an accident!

Everyone’s goal will be different, every run will be unique, and with such a wide range of abilities and ages in the group there’s always going to be someone there to offer support, advice or experience when needed.

The group is closed, so what’s said in there can only be seen by other members.

If you’d like to join then please do pop on over to Facebook, you’re very welcome.