Tips to keep your motivation when running

Have an objective. Whether it’s to run for 3 miles without stopping, run a faster mile, complete a race, run a further distance, tone up or lose weight – set a goal and aim for it. After all, if you don’t know where you’re going how will you get there?

Read on for more tips…

Mini goals – set yourself some mini goals and objectives until you get to your overall destination.

Ignore bad days – we all have them, honestly. They can happen if you’re stressed, tired, hungry, poorly, on new medication or for no apparent reason. It usually passes pretty quickly, so always listen to your body and don’t worry about resting for longer periods.

Find running buddies – for some, having someone else text/ring to say ‘I’m going out for a run, coming?’ can be all you need.

Choose your running partners wisely – don’t buddy up with someone who has more excuses than a teenager, they’ll be no good for motivation and their slack will rub off on you.

Follow a training plan – upping your mileage or pace too quickly can cause injury, so follow a training plan if you’re considering any significant change to your usual distance / exercise routine.

Music – pop some music on your phone and listen on the way round. I recommend wearing just one headphone and not having the volume too loud, so you are always alert and aware of other people, cars and emergency vehicles.

Find your best time to run – mix it up a bit and try running at different times of the day throughout different seasons, if you can. I used to run best really early in the morning, before 7am and I still do prefer morning runs, but they’re much later now!

Layer up or down – ‘it’s too cold’ or ‘it’s too hot’ – no it’s not. Just wear less or more! End of conversation.

Various routes – have a variety of routes you can choose from, so you’re not seeing the same things every time you go out. It’s amazing the changes you see in nature when you return to a route after a tiny break.

Add in goals – for example, if you’ve got an incline as part of your route that you usually slow down on, don’t. Start increasing your pace and see it get easier and easier over the weeks.

Treat yourself – at the end of your goals why not treat yourself to a new running top, some funky laces or a new song from iTunes.

Top tip when upping your mileage:

Map out some routes that you can cut off at various miles.

That way, if it is one of those days where it all seems too much, you know you can still go out, but cut it short if you need to.

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Don’t forget – if you ever have any health concerns your doctor is your first port of call.