In Case of Emergency – ICE

When I set up and led some corporate running groups for beginners, 10k’ers and half marathon runners, I was lucky enough to have the support and guidance from an England Athletics Run Activator, as well as a local legend who puts on some of the best local races.

I came away with lots of knowledge, some brilliant laughs and a whistle, which I thoroughly enjoyed blowing needlessly while teaching the beginners (it’s a power thing, I’m 5’0)

There’s no ‘one plan fits all’ with running, as many of you already know, but this little nugget of advice is something I think will fit everyone…

Don’t have a phone lock!

Hopefully you’ve got an ICE contact on your phone – someone who needs to be contacted in an emergency?

But, have you got an ICE contact and a phone lock?

If you’re unconscious or unable to speak for any other reason no one will get that phone pin out of you telepathically and it’s a myth that emergency services can bypass pins. Your life saver may only have moments to get you help, so they need to access your phone without delay.

Please; either remove your phone lock or have the ICE contact details as your lock screen image.

Stay safe.

In case of emergency - ICE when running