Why I recommend running with crisps

Okay, so it was a little bit of clickbait as it’s not actually ‘real’ crisps, but pretend ones.

I’ve got an old neck injury, which Danny of DC Injury Clinic has worked on many times, that’s often exasperated when I run in colder weather, run further or harder, or even if I run when really tired.

The reason for this was because I was unconsciously hunching my shoulders up to my ears and giving a tense thumbs up for the whole run (as was shown in many race pictures). Perhaps I thought it’d give me more power, or keep me warm – who knows. All I do know is it bloody hurts for days afterwards and makes my sinuses ache, the muscles around my scapula‚Äôs hurt, etc – it feels like a bad hangover.

So, I was taught to ‘run with crisps’. One in each hand, as per the picture below.

Imagine you have a crisp between your thumb and forefinger that you have to keep safe for the whole run. Don’t squish it. It relaxes the hands and arms.

While you’re concentrating on that also focus on bringing your shoulders further down. Remind yourself at various points in your run that you need to keep those crisps safe and shoulders down.

Why I recommend running with crisps

Have a go now, wherever you are. Go on….

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